#1. Constance & Matilda, Co-Founders of Harmur


Join Tiffany Luckett, Founder of Style Collective London @stylecollectivelondon, as she chats with Connie & Tilly, the sister-duo who started a luxury fashion brand with their mother.

They chat about everything from getting investment to start their fashion business, to how to find the best web developer for your brand. We also delve deep into their wardrobes to find out more about the pieces that they love and cherish in their wardrobe.


Connie and Tilly founded Harmur with their mother in 2017 and since then they have organically grown the brand slowly and steadily. In 2019 they were fortunate enough to be stocked by Net-a-Porter which enabled them to be able to elevate their brand status. They designed an exclusive limited edition collection with Net-a-Porter in 2019, and are doing another with them in 2020.

On the podcast we touch on how supportive their friends have been since they started the brand, “My friends have been so supportive of the brand that I have to check before I go to an event that we aren’t wearing the same Harmur piece” says Matilda. 

Within the podcast the girls also elaborate on how they were able to start the brand, getting a loan from Virgin. “Some people think that you need £100,000 to start a brand and to be successful at it, but you don’t necessarily need that.” In addition the ladies give their advice on how to be successful “Start with a clear idea of what it is that makes your product different, and what it is that you’re focussing on.”

We touched on the topic of being sustainable as a luxury fashion brand. Harmur are being forward thinking on this topic, by partnering with Style Collective and changing their packaging to be fully bio-degradable. They also focus on slow growth – “Slow growth has always been something we have focussed on, selling out of products first rather than to keep churning them out.”

After our great chat, we go around to doing the section #ForeverWardrobe. Check out our instagram @stylecollectivelondon to check out the post in full.


The 3 final quick fire questions were answered as follows:

  1. Who would you guys love to work with?

    Matilda: I am obsessed with Zoe Kravitz. I think she is just the coolest, the most stunning and really lovely woman. I love everything she does, she always looks amazing and I just love her style.

  2. What’s one sustainable brand you would recommend?

    Constance: Reformation? I love them. And I just love Re-Done Denim, I just think is so cool, gorgeous and investment worthy. ELV Denim also.

  3. What have you been wearing in ‘lockdown’?

    Matilda: Slippers and sportsgear.

    Constance: Lots of leggings [laughs]. We [her fiancé] have been trying to have a date night every 2 weeks which has been amazing. It felt really weird at first in my kitchen in full going out outfit but its been so nice.


Browse the collection of Harmur pieces you can rent from Style Collective here.

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