#5. Rosie Fortescue

Join Tiffany Luckett, Founder of Style Collective London @stylecollectivelondon, as she chats with Rosie Fortescue, the jewellery entrepreneur and fashion blogger, on how to run your own successful business. Listen to the full interview below!

They chat about everything from making mistakes in business, how she coped with life on the reality TV series Made in Chelsea and how she has always been keen to focus on being a business woman from age 16.


We also talk about her #ForeverWardrobe which, unsurprisingly focussed specifically on her favourite timeless & classic jewellery pieces.





#1. Rosie’s vintage Chanel watch which she sourced herself



#2. Rosie wearing her vintage Chanel necklace. Sourced for her by vintage jewellery brand Susan Caplan. www.susancaplan.co.uk



#3. Rosie wearing some of her Chanel jewellery collection including this CHANEL necklace and the Chanel logo earrings.

To end the podcast, as we always do, we asked Rosie 3 quick fire questions. Here are her answers to our Q&A:

  1. Who is your ultimate female inspiration?

    I love Whitney Hawkins who started FLOWERBX. She worked for Tom Ford before and then she started the incredible company FLOWERBX and she is just a boss woman. I just admire anyone woman who has started a brand, anyone who is doing it on their own I just fully admire.

  2. What’s the best advice you would give your younger self?

    I think to take risk and believe in yourself no matter what. If you want to do something enough and you have the determination, go get it.

  3. What 3 things make you happiest?

    My brand, my family & friends and dogs.


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