#7. Gabbi Loedolff of LUSH

Join Tiffany Luckett, founder of Style Collective, as she chats to Gabbi Loedolff – The Global Buying Co-ordinator of LUSH Cosmetics on combatting beauty’s packaging problem with the Naked range of beauty products, and how she has used her skills at buying the best ingredients around the world to help humanitarian causes.

On this episode we are also joined by Beauty Editor Gabrielle Dyer (who joined us in episode #4 of the Style Collective podcast) as a co-host, bringing her insider knowledge into the beauty industry to this discussion.

Who are Lush?

Lush is one brand that the majority of the UK are likely to be familiar with. Widely recognised by being the shop bursting with scents as you walk past it on the high street, Lush has rapidly expanded since it was founded in 1995 to amass a crazy 900 stores across the globe. Brands with a purpose are have become increasingly popular over the last few years as consumers have begun to really care about the story behind the products they purchase. Now, more than ever, with the changes that took place to the world as a whole in 2020, brands with a purpose are being catapulted into the limelight yet again. But for Lush, they have been putting this into practice since their inception

How do they do this?

Lush do a number of different things every year to help causes that are close to their heart. These causes largely consist of causes relating to animal welfare, environmental conservation and humanitarian welfare. 

  1. The Lush Charity Pot
    A pot of body cream where 100% of the proceeds (aside from taxes) go to grass roots charities and causes. Any cause wanting funding can apply to Lush via their website.
  2. Partnering with communities 
    Part of Gabbi’s role is to source the best, ethically sourced produce from around the world. On her quest, she find out about communities that need help and these communities can be helped by being partnered to sell produce to Lush. A great example of this is the Peace community in Colombia. Not only did Lush partner with them for their cocoa butter, but they also ran a fundraising campaign for the community to create awareness and support.
  3. Random charity initiatives for worthwhile causes
    If Lush feel that there is an issue which needs attention, they will create a product where part of the proceeds goes towards funding the issue. A great example is when Lush did a Shark Fin Soap (a play on Shark Fin Soup) where 100% of the proceeds went to protecting the shark species.


Lush is working to combat the beauty industry’s packaging problem by turning the issue totally on its head, by not having any packaging whatsoever in their Naked range. The range makes up about 60% of their product line today. 


We tested some of the best bits of the range including soaps, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners and skincare. Our absolute favourite product from this range was the Jade Roller, a serum for your skin which made it feel so supple and so soft after use. Here’s our breakdown of the products:

    A moisturising facial serum which glides onto the skin and contains Rose oil, murumuru beans, almond oil and fresh portobello mushrooms. 

    Verdict: Makes your face feel insanely moisturised!

    Sadly we couldn’t find this one on the Lush website to list you the ingredients, but its a facial oil which makes your skin feel gorgeous.
    Verdict: A great product but nothing can beat the Jade Roller for us! (Read more below)

    This solid form deodorant is slightly odd to use at the beginning (will it work?!) but actually it worked like a dream!
    Verdict: An easy product to switch to if you’re thinking of ditching plastic. Something everyone uses everyday that we all use a lot of. Think about how many aerosol cans you have brought in your life or will buy in your life? Making the switch to this one is a no brainer. It’s £5 and lasts for ages.

    We loved this product! It was actually a type of product I had never used before, but I loved the idea of it from the get go and the product itself didn’t disappoint. It’s made with rose absolute to calm the skin and reduce redness.
    Verdict: Will definitely buy again! We just wished it lasted longer!

    Our absolute favourite product from the Naked range so far is this cleansing balm which cleanses, tones and moisturises in one. Embedded with mung beans, it gently massages your skin as the balm melts in. 
    Verdict: A must have, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft all day.
    A bath oil which is full of oaty, milk magic. Contains cocoa butter, walnut oil, tangerine oil, elderflowers, frankincense and oats. 
    Verdict: This was my favourite bath product. I preferred it to the bath bombs as there is something slightly odd about getting in a bright pink bath. This felt very luxurious and very moisturising.
    Clearly I’m a big fan of cocoa butter fragrances and it’s an amazing ingredient, which is why this shower oil is so lovely. It cleanses and softens skin whilst you’re in the shower and makes you feel amazing. 
    Verdict: The smell made us think of holiday, always a winner in my book.

    If you want to wash your hands all day every day and not feel the effects of cracked dry hands, (ahem thanks coronavirus for giving me these) then use this soap. 
    Verdict: Lathers up wonderfully leaving your hands and body feeling so soft and smelling like caramel.

    This is an interesting product. A shower bomb? Nope I hadn’t heard of it either. It basically kind of makes your shower explode with scented magic. 
    Verdict: Loved the idea but this one melts in the warmth so make sure you store it somewhere cool. Mine was half melted by the time I used it!

    Shampoo that’s not in a bottle? Correct. Does it lather like normal shampoo? Yes it does, and it feels and smells great.
    Verdict: So surprising how well this works and how easy it is to use! 

    Rich in conditioning and moisturising, this product contains avocado and cocoa butter. A winning combination.
    Verdict: Smells insane and really does work! We are converted to packaging free hair care!

To listen to the podcast and find out more about Lush, click the link below!

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