#2. The Official Green Queen, Luissa Burton

Tiffany Luckett talks to Luissa Burton, A.K.A The Official Green Queen and former Miss Europe World 2008.

On this episode Tiffany Luckett (@stylecollectivelondon) chats with Luissa Burton A.K.A The Official Green Queen to discuss everything from meeting the Dalai Lama, to greenwashing in fashion, to battling with skin conditions in the modelling industry. We discuss the small things we can do in our everyday lives to live more sustainably, as well as how Luissa helped control her psoriasis and why Luissa wants to work with Joanna Lumley & David Attenborough.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste/sustainability/veganism perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”


Luissa Burton is a former beauty queen and model who turned her attention to promoting a conscious and sustainable lifestyle by becoming an environmental consultant. Luissa now promotes a healthy and conscious lifestyle via her international following.

Luissa chose just one dress for her #ForeverWardrobe which was the dress she wore for one of her beauty competitions in the Philippines, and in true #eco style she has already passed this dress on to another Beauty Queen so they can also wear it! Going perfectly with our belief of re-using, renewing, recycling and renting!

The dress was by Leo Almodal, a Philippine dress designer who used locally sourced fabrics and local workers to create this hand-beaded, hand-made beautiful gown. 

Luissa’s final 3 questions were as follows:

  1. Who is your style icon?

    A lady called Elena Cardone who is married to Grant Cardone and she is  super inspirational. The reason I chose her is because she walks out onto stage in these boss woman power suits and I just love how she absolutely embodies female empowerment.

  2. Who in your work as an environmental consultant would you love to work with?

    So this one is super easy. Its a fusion of two people. David Attenborough is my absolute idol I think he is amazing. One day I would love to do the type of work that he is doing, which is going around studying animals. Him mixed with Joanna Lumley would be the dream. She does these amazing travel shows and she is just the epitome of an amazing glamorous woman.

  3. What’s your favourite quote?

    My favourite quote is one from the Dalai Lama. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting him. I was invited, with a number of other leaders because of the work we had done in support of the environment. In 2013 the Dalai Lama said “We sacrifice our health to get wealth, and then we sacrifice our wealth to get health.” When I went to meet with him at his residence last year in India, he actually said this again. It resonates with me because its just so true.

  4. What is one sustainable brand you would recommend to someone else?

    Arbonne is the health and wealth corporation that I have aligned with. They are a B Corp and as part of this they have 2,000 banned toxic ingredients and they are cruelty-free and vegan. They also do so much work for charity.

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