Our Story

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Our mission is to give everyone access to affordable, on-demand, luxury fashion, whilst supporting designers and supporting the environment.

We believe rental clothing is going to have a huge impact on the future of the fashion industry. This is largely due to the urgency we are facing in our fight against climate change and as a result of consumers beginning to really wake up to the impacts of over-consumption and the negative effects of fast fashion.

Our platform aims to give designers a way to profit from more sustainable practices and we want to give our customers a way to consumer without being wasteful.


MEET TIFFANY, Founder of Style Collective

Tiffany grew up being absolutely obsessed with fashion, spending a large amount of her time buying and trying on clothes.  She amassed a huge amount of clothing, which was great when she was sharing a house with lots of girls at university who could borrow them, but when she moved back to London and lived alone, she realised they were wasted in her wardrobe on its own. Sadly she realised these clothes were going to waste, and then the idea of rental fashion quickly sprung to mind.

The initial idea she had was about a peer-to-peer platform, but she quickly realised that there was one group of people who were missing out on the rental sector in the UK altogether, and that was the designers themselves. With retailing harder than ever before in 2020, she realised together that this type of concept could be a really effective way for designers to tap into new customers and new income streams. And so, Still Collective was born.

Tiffany wears the Emma Lou dress by ROTATE Birger Christensen, available to rent now.

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