#3. Silje Vallevik, Founder of Valle + Vik

Join Tiffany Luckett, Founder of Style Collective London @stylecollectivelondon, as she chats with Silje Vallevik, the founder of luxury fashion brand Valle&Vik.

They chat about everything from Silje’s love of London, to the pros and cons of having your own brand and how difficult it is to find the right factories for your products. We also delve deep into her wardrobe to find out more about the pieces that she loves & will cherish forever.

Launched in May 2017 Valle&Vik is a London based accessible luxury womenswear brand that delivers style transcending dress codes, destinations and even generations. Redefining relaxed Scandinavian glamour, V&Vs pared back silhouettes showcase folk-art inspired prints and brilliant colours splashed on perfectly cut luxurious silk, all based around Silje’s style and her love of art and design.


Silje is very tongue in chic about how much work it takes to have your own brand, “I design clothes for the life I used to have before I started a brand” she says with a laugh. She was inspired to start the brand because of her passion for art, and wanting bold print dresses that you can dress up or dress down depending on your mood. 

Silje also shared her #ForeverWardrobe with us, telling us all about the first luxury bag she ever purchased (the Mulberry Roxanne – a classic), as well as the jacket and dress that inspired her to start the brand.

For the last part of the podcast we ended with 3 quick fire questions, here are Silje’s answers to them:

  1. What’s your favourite sustainable brand?

    Isabella Orimi, a very simple linen brand and Isabella is a friend of mine.

  2. Who is your style icon?

    It’s so difficult. I don’t feel like there is anyone now-a-days who is as classic as Audrey Hepburn. I love Audrey Hepburn. She was so classic & chic with her oversized shirts and her sunglasses.

  3. Who is your favourite female entrepreneur?

    That’s such a tough one but it has to be Natalie Massenet as she is so inspiring.


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